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    Evony you have screwed with too many people now. You brought out server 201 and it was great. There was no lag. People could play and enjoy themselves. Then you got greedy big time. And instead of putting a production promo onto 201, you put the stupid promo onto server 200 where it wasn't needed. Not to mention you kept stealing coins from ME! As I was closing out my account on 201 yesterday, I notice that you stolen from me again. WTF is with that? I went from 20 coins to 17. What a joke. You do realize had you fixed the lag and actually gave a damn about your members, no one would be ****ed off. Yet you killed your members by having lags that take just about 10 minutes to finally clear up. It's not like you were removing smaller npc's. Cause you weren't. But you made it to where people couldn't log in for hours. You allow idiots to create alt alliances using bots. AND you steal from people. That makes two servers you stole from me. I sure as hell didn't buy anything. And I made sure I had enough speakers to send out group mails. Yet you still stole from me. You realize I was holding that 20 coins so that I could have put my account on Holiday since I'm going in for an operation soon. YET you stole from me. You keep the lag up like your doing, you will lose a lot of members and a TON of money.

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    I'm amazed you're even still playing this "game".

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    People have been *****ing for what, 7 years now? And evony has done zilch to fix the massive errors in the game. It isn't going to start now. Move on.

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    other than the alts and bots, the real sh---t began when evony sold items that allowed players to take possession of an npc city next door to your city and attack you immediately. then it sold items that allowed players to launch a million troops at your city at one time. then it allowed players to use glitches in order to obtain those million or more troops instantly without the need of resources or food. so, yes, the game is now officially dead. not worth playing. leave it and move on. heck, even the evony employees have moved on.

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    lol at the "evony employees have moved on"

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    And what about the problem with flash?

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    I will miss this day as well to. I hope everyone finds a server as good as this one. I made many friends playing on CodedRP and had fun helping everyone for the time I have been on this server. Goodbye </3

    -PS: Nice hacks btw


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