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    This year, how about a "Spring Cleaning" promo in March? No new items -- just take the expiry date brackets off all our legacy food buffs and let us clean them out of our boxes. For example, this year for Christmas 2017, the Mystic Items of the Krampus included Sinterklas Cookies that all expired 12 months ago. Yes, that's right, you gave us stale food for Christmas and no one could use them......

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    wow TeaBea from 96 back in 2009? If so cant believe your still playing this game. Also never knew you were from Ontario. Same here

    Fan of BOTS!!! ( Auto-Bots Of Course )

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    Just a bump for ya just incase you were still planning on hunting in WI this spring. Over-the-counter permits for zone 4 will be available this Thursday, March 24th.

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