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    Default Sell Evony

    To someone who will care about it and keep the servers online. Also someone who will stop the sellers, and botters. Cause I doubt the owners now could f tie their own shoes with the help of their mommy.. Its a shame this used to be a good game then they just let it go to hell cause of greed..

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    The only people likely to buy evony are the cheating sacks that are busy killing off servers. Yes Voltron users and creator are currently killing off server CA6 and as per usual Evony are doing nothing about it. Great going evony you really have sunk to the bottom of the customer support barrel. You used to have moderators who could block the accounts used to make multiple accounts and spam lockers and glitchers. Shame you have your head so far up your mobile game that you do not realise the only way you can go forward is to go backwards and FIX Evony.


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