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Thread: Is this the End of Evony?

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    Default Is this the End of Evony?

    I have a few questions and observations?
    1. Is this the End of the Game? (Maybe)
    2. The last Promo we had was the 10Th Anniversary (Truth)
    3. We were told by the Community Manager that they would be doing better with Promos (False)
    4. They said there would be a Merger (False)
    5. Evony has no digital footprint in the game anymore (Truth)
    6. Evony and the Community Manager need to tell the members what’s going on so we can make up our minds to quit or stay.
    Submitted the Evony Community!


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    Who are you trying to reach? There is possibly a janitor that goes into the server room once a month.

    No Customer Support, or other staff, exists now.


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