In the first quarter cycle of the 2022 NYX Gaming Awards, Evony won the NYX Silver Award! The game was developed by David Guo (Yaoqi Guo), the CEO of Top Games Inc. As an epic real-time MMO (massively multiplayer online game), Evony's storyline begins with the choice of civilization, and players can expand their kingdoms by obtaining specialized knowledge from legendary generals. Many players may have first heard of Evony from its famous advertisement during the 2017 Super Bowl, which featured a superstar. Seven years later, Evony is still popular among strategy game enthusiasts.

Evony CEO David Guo

David Guo (Yaoqi Guo) is the CEO of Top Games Inc. and the mastermind behind the popular game "Evony." He is passionate about technology and online gaming. David began his career selling multimedia management software and later developed firewall software for network security applications. After the success of Evony, TechBullion interviewed David Guo to gain deeper insights into the Evony development team, as well as the core mission and values of the developers.

The following is the interview

What led you to become a game developer/marketer?
David Guo (Yaoqi Guo): "I myself am a gamer. In 2009, I noticed that many game companies didn't care about user experience and customer satisfaction. That's why I joined Top Games company. Top Games is dedicated to providing top-notch player experience and service. We design games from the player's perspective. We realize that players not only make many friends but also spend a part of their life in the game. Our goal is to create the best gaming experience and cultivate a lasting gaming community, constantly enhancing this experience."

What is your role in the company, and what qualities should a game developer/marketer have in order to do their job?
"Although my title is Top Games CEO, I am essentially responsible for all important departments of Top Games. In order for each employee of TGI (Top Games Inc.) to succeed in their respective positions, I firmly believe that everyone should act quickly and implement faster. There is no special way to achieve success immediately. That's why we test our products or services over and over again to achieve the best choice and expand as quickly as possible. With efficient execution and attention to detail, we are pleased to launch a popular game, Evony, that delights our users."

Tell us about your studio/company

Top Games Inc. was established in 2015 as an independent mobile application game developer. Currently, we have over 100 million players worldwide and our game portfolio consists of 8 strong games, with several new games set to be released later this year. We prioritize player needs and strive to create high-quality game experiences, resulting in the release of several games with 4.5 stars or higher ratings. We heavily rely on data science to validate opinions and decisions within our development team. Our direct experience in high-quality game marketing through traditional media, television and online channels is supported by responsible marketing initiatives.
We specialize in operating strategy games that contain more interactive and social elements. We prioritize game design centered around fair competition and user-friendly social platforms. Providing players with exceptional game experiences is our top priority.

Tell us more about your idea process.

My team and I are passionate about games, especially strategy games. We have a deep understanding of what players want from games, which allows us to design from the player's perspective.

As the winner of the NYX Games Award, what does it mean to you and your team to receive this honor?

I feel extremely honored to receive this award! My team and I are very excited about this news. We will immediately share this message through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. We are very grateful for our lovely players and development team. Without their continued support, we would not have been able to overcome all of these challenges.

Top Games Inc and its CEO David Guo will not stop exploring. They will continue to develop games that users love and constantly update game features to enhance the gaming experience, through team development of professionalism and user interests.