Top Games Inc. (TPI), a global indie video game development team, has won the NYX Silver Award in the 2022 NYX Game Awards Season 1 cycle for their game Evony: The King's Return. The CEO of TPI, David Guo (Yaoqi Guo), is a respected leader in the gaming industry who co-founded the company in 2015. David Guo recognized that many gaming companies did not prioritize customer experience and satisfaction, which motivated him to create TPI with a mission to bring the best gaming experience to players worldwide.

David Guo: Prioritizing Customer Experience in Game Development

David Guo is a prominent figure in the game development industry, with a career that spans over a decade. He began his journey as a developer in high school, where he honed his skills in programming and design. David's passion for gaming led him to join Top Games Inc. (TPI), where he took on the role of CEO. Under David's leadership, TPI has achieved great success in creating innovative games that captivate audiences worldwide. His vision and drive have helped him to build a talented team of developers who share his passion for gaming. David's career highlights include creating the renowned Skynet firewall in 1998, which became one of the most widely used consumer firewalls. David's core belief is that gaming companies should prioritize customer experience and satisfaction, which has driven him to create games that are entertaining yet simple and uncomplicated. He aims to cultivate long-lasting gaming communities that continually enhance the gaming experience for players worldwide.

Evony: The King's Return offers unique features that set it apart from other games. With a real-time persistent world, players can see all battles, player movements, monsters, bosses, and events happening in real time on the server. The game also has a world without language barriers, allowing players to communicate via audio and voice-to-text chat. There are over seven unique civilizations to explore, each with its own benefits and special generals to find and obtain. The game's graphics, animations, and code have been optimized to ensure maximum battery and bandwidth savings for prolonged gameplay sessions.

In addition to Evony, TPI has developed another casual strategy-themed game called Infinity Clan. This game has a fun cartoonish graphic style and gives players the chance to join a clan and become the strongest warriors by merging constructions and upgrading troops in real time.

TPI plans to continue building on its popular catalog by releasing exciting titles with top-requested features, including co-op gameplay, 3-D sequencing, and real-time strategy play. David Guo and TPI are committed to providing players with an experience that's simple and uncomplicated while allowing them to make friends and become a part of gaming communities.