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Thread: Game Suggestion Box Forum Rules--Read Before You Post

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    Default Game Suggestion Box Forum Rules--Read Before You Post

    Game Suggestion Box Forum Rules

    --In this section, you will be able to suggest ideas on how to make the game better.

    Before posting a new thread:

    Please note that the Forum Rules apply here like everywhere else on the forum; browse the section and look for similar suggestions.

    Use the Search button for additional help. If you cannot find anything similar, that's when to make your post.

    Please make a new thread for each suggestion you have unless the suggestions are connected!

    When making a title:

    Please make one with a proper description, not like "Here!!!" or "good one!!"
    An example would be: Suggestion: Sell items

    When replying to a thread:

    If you comment on another person's post, please say more than just "agree/disagree" or "I like this" or "/signed". You should make clear WHY you are posting and WHAT you agree/disagree with to further develop the discussion. Posts that do not explain WHY you agree/disagree will be treated as spam and may result to a warning.

    Posts that have no reasonable content, or posts that repeat the answers of earlier replies shall be considered as spam and may result to a warning.

    Your Opinion vs The Rest of Evony

    Please refrain from calling a member's suggestion "stupid" or "dumb". There are plenty of ways to disagree with someone without using negative words in an insulting manner. The use of these words, or any similar words (with the exception of "I think that's a little silly") may result in a warning.
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    Default How to set up a suggestion:


    Thread Title
    In the thread title, make it clear what the suggestion is about.

    For example, do not make it:
    Make it:
    [BUILDINGS] READ THIS READ THIS PLOXXX!!! (Barbarian Barracks)
    So that mods and reps will actually want to read it.

    Use proper grammar and writing as much as humanly possible.
    We understand that not everyone has a good command of the English language, but try to be as clear as possible when posting your ideas. Posting in 1337-5P34|< won't get you anywhere and will just discourage others from reading [and supporting] your suggestion.

    Complaints are not suggestions, and will be locked.

    Respond with a good post, but saying that an idea is cool is fine.
    However, if you do this too many times in a single/short span of time, you will be infracted for spamming.

    It would also be nice if you REP THE PERSON if he happens to have a very good idea. It is one of the best ways to show you took note of and/or support the idea.
    Conversely, if you are the person who started the thread and another member improves the idea, rep them. Don't be a snob; spread the love.

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    And one item per suggestion, please do not make it some great huge thread about ten items, as that makes threads quite difficult to manage. One suggestion per thread.

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    Use the prefix function for simplicity, please and thank you
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    Default Notes ...

    • These had been classified for you to refer to before you post your suggestions.
    • Please remember, though, that just because the suggestion isn't listed here doesn't mean that you can go ahead and post it. No. Use the search feature of this forum to look for threads similar to your ideas.
      TIP: Get more accurate results with the Advanced Search feature. CLICK HERE.
    • If you find your idea already posted, DO NOT post it again if the thread is still active, or unless you have something new to add or you're introducing a new perspective to that idea.
    • If the suggestion is worth re-discussing (and isn't one of those included in the first post of this thread) but you see that it's already in the archives, go ahead and post it.
    • If you find a good suggestion in the archives and you want to include it in this thread, PM the link to the current moderator assigned in this forum.

    • Feel free to edit in/out certain things if need be.
    • Please add good suggestions that you find here to keep this updated.
    • (Mostly for Reps/Admins.) If you can lend insight to some of these ideas by adding notes (if yes/no/maybe) beside/underneath each, it would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    PS. More links to be added later.
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