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Thread: Combat Calculator redux

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    Default 3 digits

    Quote Originally Posted by dxter View Post
    un3x. I didn't mention defense rounding in that case because I didn't want to distract people from the main thing I was measuring. But I do round defense down like 1 - floor(D) / 1000. This is based on anecdotal evidence however and haven't tested it to a large number of significant digits.
    Well, that's ok. I had even 2 cavs difference for a 33 int hero without this rounding in one report: 457.5 was defence but worked with 457 only (i used 1-.457 not 1-.4575, so 3 digits). I still test that though but i'm almost sure.
    Also in this RAM report that not work without rounding down both, attack of scouts and defence of RAM.

    Anyone that know something about leadership ??? I have big differences using age 2 formula and i'm almost sure that somewhere this thing or other attribute are implied.

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    Bump. This is good stuff, read it.

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    I hope with all my heart you are not stupid enough to believe the nonsense your spewing with your fingertips via keyboard.
    Quote Originally Posted by cushseth View Post
    I tell people they do well when they do well. It's not my fault people are stupid.

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    are there any difference for the new servers? This tip is very helpful thanks


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    this guide/calc is golden

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    I've cleaned-up (dumbed-down) my calcs and combined them into a single document Document here.
    No sign-in is necessary, to use click on the sheet name and the bottom of the screen and duplicate the sheet, use it and then delete it. This saves me from having to repair the sheets. I had to do a lot of copy & pasting from various documents so there's a chance that some formula have gone astray, any problems or questions put them on the questions sheet and I'll receive notification via email.
    Combat Calculators
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