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    Default Reputation

    This is an ongoing and active thread talking about anything and everything to do with Reputation... (that little colored box next to your screen name). The original guide has grown with the contributions of some of our finest forum members...

    These are the Basics:
    (EDIT: As of 9.23.2011 All regular forum members no longer will be able to give red rep, regardless of forum Rank/Title.)

    Popular Questions:

    Now here is some more in-depth information if you want to know everything there is to know about Rep. I would like to also Thank each individual who contributed, jorbaud, Lazzzzzzzzalicious!, Reasoner, WN1 Hit, Humility, and our much missed Evony Guru ~ Rota.

    Who can give Red Rep, besides Evony Moderators/Staff?
    Quote Originally Posted by jorbaud View Post
    Duke and above lets you red rep, I don't have the link though.
    Here's the link/quote Jorbaud was talking about... kindly retrieved from the underground Evony Vaults by Alusair's
    Quote Originally Posted by Lazzzzzzzzalicious!
    So far new fancy things are:
    I know as a duke i can give red rep and see who is on invisible mode
    It seems like Baronet+ can see who has given them rep.
    Apperently there is a new sig limit/picture posting limit as well.
    It's like a treasure hunt wooot!
    ...and a little more about red rep
    Quote Originally Posted by Reasoner View Post
    Duke requires 6 months on the forum, 1000 posts and 200 rep (3 rep bars).

    The red rep is totaled by half of the rep you can give. ie. If Mr.JAW gives 10 green rep points to someone, if they choose to red rep you'll be able to deduct half of what you give, in this case, 5. You'll be able to take 5 rep points from them.

    An in-depth look at how you get rep, how it changes, etc...
    Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
    Here is how your rep bar changes...
    )If you have more negative rep than positive rep from warnings/infractions received by moderators, then your rep bar is red.
    )If you have no rep or a perfect balance of positive and negative(for a total of zero points), then your rep bar is grey.
    )If you have a positive total of rep points, then your bar is green.
    )If you have 100+ points, you get a second bar.
    )If you have 200+ points, get a third rep bar.
    )Etc... You get one more bar every 100 points. So, a rep total of 500+ would show 6 rep bars

    NOTE: This is true for the first 5 rep bars (which are a darker green) you get one w/your first green rep received and then one per 100 points received up to 400 points. (5 bars). Then you get one for ever 200 rep points received after that; up to a max of 11 bars displayed, though your points will continue to build even after that. (and will affect the reputation message you see when you scroll over someone's rep bar(s).

    You get rep when other people see a post of yours they like, and they click on the scales in the upper right of the post to add to your rep. You can leave a little note when you click the scales if you want. I appreciate those notes, because I like to know who has repped me.

    Now you ask, "How many points of rep do I get?" It depends on the person who repped you. Here is the scale that determines how many points you give to people when you rep them.

    Your 50th post gives you the first point of rep you can give.
    Every 1000 posts = 1 point of rep you give
    Every 100 points of rep = 1 point of rep you give
    Every year you are on the forums(anniversary date) = 1 point of rep you give

    At the time of this post, I give 7 rep points.
    1 for being past 50th post
    4 for 4,000+ posts
    2 for 200+ rep
    0 for being a forum member for less than 1 year

    All grey rep you get from players are 0 points. You can have hundreds o grey rep and they will still total zero.
    Rep points are not retroactive. If I had 30 posts when I repped you many months ago to give you zero points, that rep bump is not worth 7 points now, it's worth zero.

    How much rep do I need for my next "rep name"/green bar?:

    Quote Originally Posted by WN1 Hit View Post
    You always have to wonder? how will I change my reputation bar like how it says and stuff? This is a accurate key that tells how many points you need to achieve this name.
    When Can you Rep someone a second time:
    Quote Originally Posted by Humility View Post
    21 reputation needs to be spread before you can spread more to the same person.
    How to check your Reputation Ranking vs. others:
    Quote Originally Posted by Reasoner View Post

    1.Press community, the thing next to FAQ and near user CP.

    2.Then click members list when the options come down.

    3. Now the list is alphabetical, in one of the columns, there is reputation, click it.

    4. Voila, the list of rep from highest to lowest.
    This is remotely connected to Reputation, so I thought I would add it here... it is your forum title:
    Quote Originally Posted by Korakc View Post
    Civilian: starting title
    Default and can only make threads in the Q&A section

    Knight: 15 posts
    Make threads in most parts of the forum

    Baronet: 50 posts and 1 month on the forums- lets you see who gave you rep
    Baronet is 30 days and animated GIFs can be worn

    Baron: 100 posts and 2 months on the forums
    60 days and allows you to see who repped you.

    Viscount: 200 posts and 3 months on the forums- polls can be made
    90 days and your PM box is increased from 50 to 75

    Earl: 350 posts and 4 months on forums
    120 days and polls can me made

    Marquis: 600 posts and 5 months on the forums
    150 days never sure about this one but I think your sig text limit increases from 300 to 330 characters

    Duke: 1000 posts, 200 rep, and 6 months on the forums- gives ability to red rep and 100 pm spaces

    Furstin: 1500 posts, 300 rep, 9 months on the forums
    Signature characters increase from 330 to 350

    Prizessin: 3000 posts, 1 year on forums, 400 rep
    Truly haven't seen any "extra" privileges.

    Thanks for this Morgana!

    I'm always trying to make sure my guides are updated... Thank You everyone for your contributions.
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    hmmmmmmm....good guide

    +1 rep!
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    yeah thats a good hit for all forum posters

    +1 rep

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    Excellent post. The pictures add a very nice touch.

    +rep from me as well. I give a few points, so enjoy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lazzzzzzzzalicious! View Post
    i started to read this and agree with everything rota says. if people just listened to him the forums would be a better place.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    Rota is correct.

    I don't even understand the question.

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    nice one, sweets

    Rep +1, oops, didn't add my name

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trap View Post
    rep me and i will rep you
    Please dont change this from a great thread about reputation into a thread asking for reputation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lazzzzzzzzalicious! View Post
    i started to read this and agree with everything rota says. if people just listened to him the forums would be a better place.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    Rota is correct.

    I don't even understand the question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trap View Post
    rep me and i will rep you
    a. You are grey, so you don't give any points. (not that it really matters)
    b. Asking for rep is frowned upon and may even earn you some negative rep.
    c. Rep should be earned so if you want it, lift the quality of your posting.

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    good post ; )
    I'm telling you this because you don't get it, you think you get it, which isn't the same as actually getting it. Get it?

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    Repz meh plz!! lolol
    Just kidding.

    Great post. + Rep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trogdor1316 View Post
    I find it ironic that these spambots find it easier to post in the right section than most people with 1 post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetP View Post

    But... I'm not sure if everyone realizes that your name does not automatically appear when you give Rep.
    That may be becase if you leave your name you may get "rep'd" back. Some people like to earn their rep.


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